Friday, April 29, 2016

Books We Didn't Finish - April Edition

Wildest Dreams: I guess you could call this a DNF  since I didn't read word for word.  I have loved this series since the start, but this one was boring as heck.  I found myself skimming just to catch up on the other characters in the town. The main couple had zero chemistry.  Ugh.

Black Rabbit Hall: I was really looking for a good
gothic mystery about a mysterious house.  But, instead, I got a snooze fest.  The story was told in alternating time lines, neither of which were particularly interesting.  About halfway through, I was so bored, I really didn't care to find out the twist or reveal in the end.

Kiss of Deception: Two words...Love triangle  Enough said!

Six of Crows: I was a fool and bought into the hype over this book.  I have seen rave reviews everywhere.  I also have read in numerous places that you did not need to read the Grisha Trilogy by this author to read this one.  That is not true.  From the start, you are thrown right into this world with NO background on the world or on the different factions.  There isn't even a little bit of an overview.   I got halfway through and while I could kind of figure out what was going on, I found I didn't care about any of the characters.  IF you are going to market a book as a stand alone, then help your new readers out and make it a stand alone.

Daughter-I found this book to be very confusing.  I had trouble keeping up with the back and forth in time.  Keeping the characters straight was hard too.  I would never recommend having 2 characters named Ted and Ed.

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Marce said...

daughter is on my TBR list. Ed and Ted, hmmmmm, weird and intriguing.