Friday, July 1, 2016

June Mini Musings

Festive in Death: I'm finally getting around to catching up on this series.  I thought this was a nice and solid addition to the series.  I just love Roarke and Eve and their friends.  Lots of humor and mystery to be had!

Between a Rock and a Hard Place:  Definitely not my favorite of the series.  It was longer than it needed to be and took too long to get to the point.  I listened to the audio-book and kept zoning out.  I did finish it because I liked the scenes with Pru and Christopher.  Although Pru's ignorance about what goes into a wedding was annoying. Given her age, I had a hard time buying it.  I will continue with the series though.
Morgue: A Life in Death:  While not as good as Working Stiff, I still found this book interesting.  I liked Dr. DiMaio's honest take on death and his job. Intertwined with the stories of his cases, he gives a nice narrative about how his father became a medical examiner and how it influenced his own path in that same field.  There were a few parts that were slow.  But I liked the mix of cases that he presented.  Definitely worth a look.

 Flawless: It always makes me sad when an author I love puts out a book that is just OK.  I did read the whole book, but I kind of felt like the author was phoning this one in.  It just lacked something that I can't put my finger on. Fans will probably want to pick this one up.  Just don't expect her usual quality.

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