Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Tombstone Courage by JA Jance

by:  JA Jance

published by:  Avon
publish date:  April 1, 1995

Now in Arizona, the young widow Joanna Brady is a real working mom. She's running for sheriff, facing a hostile police department, and becoming enmeshed in the investigation of a peculiar double homicide.

This is the 2nd book in the Joanna Brady series.  The end of the first book sees us with no sheriff in Bisbee.  Because of Joanna's hand in uncovering the corruption in the Sheriff's department, many of the residents want Joanna to run for the position.  She wins easily, but taking over the position will be harder than she expects.  A woman with no police experience is not what the department wants.  Now there is one homicide that leads to the discovery of another and Joanna is determined to find out who is responsible.  

I really liked this book.  It was a great second book in the series.  I look forward to continuing this series at some point.  The 3rd book doesn't have a recent audiobook, so I will probably wait until one comes out.

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barbara woods said...

she writes great book, read about all of this series and the J.P.Beaumont one's