Thursday, July 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Cutting by James Hayman

Author: James Hayman
First published in 2009 by Minatour books

Detective Sergeant Michael McCabe moved from New York City to Portland, Maine, to escape a dark past: both the ex-wife who’d left him for an investment banker, and the tragic death of his brother, a hero cop gone bad. He sought to raise his young daughter away from the violence of the big city . . . so he’s unprepared for the horrific killer he discovers, whose bloody trail may lead to Portland’s social elite.

With the help of his straight-talking (and, at times, alluring) partner, Maggie Savage, McCabe begins a race against time to rescue the missing woman and unmask a sadistic killer---before more lives are lost.

I found this audiobook while perusing my library's overdrive site looking for a Throwback Thursday book.  I had never heard of the series, but I was intrigued.   McCabe is a detective in Portland,Maine, He is a transplant form New York who moved to get away from the big city and make a better life for his daughter.    He ends up investigating the murder of a teenage girl and the disappearance of another woman.

In the end it was just an OK mystery for me. I did finish it, but it was really slow. They myetery wasn't that surprising, even with the little twist toward the end.  I did like McCabe's character.  He is a detective that I would normally be interested in following.  Hopefully the later books have a faster pace.  I didn't care for his partner, Maggie. She was just an odd fit for him.  There was also that weird interaction with McCabe later in the book that didn't make any sense.  Why would she kiss him?  It just seemed out of place and unnecessary.  Anyway, I might look for the next book if it's on audio.  Although, I wasn't a fan of the reader.  He made a lot of the characters seem like emotionless shouters.

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