Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book We Didn't Finish - April Edition

The Fifth Letter - I got about halfway through this book and was so bored.  I was expecting a thriller, but all I got was a group of unlikable friends who talked about each other behind their backs and whine about their lives.  I was really bored and didn't care who wrote the fifth letter.

Livia Lone: This was a random pick at my library.  I could accept the main character being a cop who avenge kills (kind of like Dexter).  I was even becoming invested with the "before" scenes when Livia and her sister were sold as children.  But when the main character gets herself off while reminiscing about her murdering the serial rapist, I had to quit.  Not my cup of tea.

The Other Widow: I really wanted to like this one.  But I found I couldn't care for any of the characters.  How can I like someone who has an affair, but in the same breath says she will fight for her marriage?  What??  Maybe you shouldn't have cheated in the first place. I gave up at about 20%

Cage: After enjoying Axel, I was looking forward to reading Cage's story.  I loved his character in Axel.  But, I got in about 10% and couldn't even stomach the rest of the book. What happened to the guy in  the first book? In this one, he takes his nephew to the doctor and is enamored by the nurse Melissa with the big chest.  Because that is what makes a woman beautiful, right?  He runs into her at a bar during his "sister" Izzie's bachelorette party, not knowing she is friends with her. She is in the wedding, how does he not know her? But, whatever. He propositions her and practically molests her on the dance floor (which she allows becasue he is so hot), not even knowing her name.  His "friends with benefits" side piece, Mandy, gets into a fight with the Melissa trying to stake her claim.  He is so turned on (whatever) from his dance with Melissa, that he takes Mandy (the side piece) into the office at the club and screws her instead.(OK, gross!).  And the way he treats Mandy psycho clinger or not) honestly was borderline rape. I'm tired of reading about men who are so turned on that they HAVE to have sex. Ugh! I just knew I wouldn't be able to like this character after that scene.  I may go onto the next book, but I'm kind of afraid this one ruined the series for me.

The Roanoke Girls - I got about halfway through this one and couldn't stomach it any more.  The characters were unlikable. The secret was let out very early on in the book.  I wasn't expecting the incest, child grooming and rape story-line.  The parts about how the girls had to choose it made me ill. This is abuse that NO ONE tells the police about and it happened for years. I was most bothered about the sections where each of the Roanoke girls talk about the grandfather/uncle/father getting them 14 years old.  This got lots of 5 star reviews, but I couldn't finish it.

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