Sunday, April 9, 2017

Take the Key and Lock Her Up by Ally Carter

Author: Ally Carter
Publisher:Scholastic Press
Date of publication: December 2016

The princess is dead. Long live the princess.

Centuries ago, the royal family of Adria was killed…or so everyone thought.

Now Grace Blakely knows the truth: There was one survivor, and that survivor’s blood runs through her veins. This simple fact could cause a revolution—which is why some people will stop at nothing to keep it from coming to light.

There is only one way for Grace to save herself, save her family, and save the boy she loves. She must outmaneuver her foes, cut through the web of lies that has surrounded her for years, and go back to the source of all her troubles, despite the risk.

If she wins, she will inherit a throne.

And if she loses, she will inherit the fate of all the dead princesses who came before her

I was really looking forward to Take the Key and Lock Her Up, the final installment of the Embassy Row trilogy.  I have to say, I was really disappointed in this one.  It was just OK for me and not a great way to end the trilogy.   I was surprised at who was behind it all and I liked the little mystery of the lost royal family. I also loved the little bit of justice that happens towards the finale.

 In the end, I was really let down. There were a few reasons for this. First, not much happens in the book until the last third.  The first two thirds of the book dragged.  Second, Grace whined and was such a "gloomy Gus" throughout this entire book.  Honestly, I was tired of her making herself into a martyr.  I felt like she just kind of gave up and lost her backbone. She just wasn't the same character I had come to like from the previous books. Finally, I'm not sure I really got why the society made the decisions that it did.  Honestly, it kind of didn't make much sense to me.  

The ending left me wanting more of an ending.  I mean some things were wrapped up nicely.  At the same time, I kind of felt like I was left hanging a little.  As a whole, I will recommend this series.  But just don't expect an amazing ending.  

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