Saturday, June 30, 2018

Books we Didn't Finish - June edition

Mirror Mirror:   In the foreward, the author says she tried to write a book about the chaos of the teenage years.  But, I had a feeling that she hasn't hung around any teenagers in a long time.  I have a teenager.  While there is angst, none of the ones I know say the f-word at the end of every sentence and they aren't all trying to get high or drunk.  This just wasn't for me.

Find Me: I started this book 3 times, which is never a good sign.  I got about 30% in and was really bored.  I didn't like "Jar".  The back and forth between the diary and the present was OK, but not enough to keep things interesting.

Sunburn: I tried several times to read the book.  I found it confusing as the characters all sounded the same.  I DNF'd at 30%.  I was really bored and no interested in finishing.

The Hunger:  I hung in until about 50%.  I gave up because it just wasn't going anywhere.  I got tired of the bickering between the travelers.  There was nothing creepy about the book.  It was a neat idea, but poorly executed.

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