Saturday, September 1, 2018

August Mini Musings

Messenger of Fear: For the most part, I enjoyed the book.. It was a quick read and I didn't call the ending.  I will admit to being confused in the beginning, but if you stick with the story, it mostly makes sense in the end.  I may read Tattooed Heart sometime in the future.  I have some questions that may be answered in the sequel.  It is a bit gruesome in some parts as it details a suicide, so I would probably keep it to the older YA crowd.

Shadows in the Night:  This was a fairly quick read.  I don't have much to say about it other than it was kind of dull.  The mystery was OK, but the romance was dull.  Definitely not  this author's best work.  It felt like she phoned it in on this one.

Blood & Ivy: The 1849 Murder that Scandalized Harvard:  For the most part I enjoyed this one.  It was kind of cool to read about Cambridge and Boston in the late 1840s.  The author did a great job of setting the tone for the true crime story about the murder of a prominent Harvard professor.  It was the first case in the US to use dental evidence as well as making a case for reasonable doubt.  Worth a read, however it is a little slow.

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BookishRealm said...

I'm interested in reading Heather Graham. I have the first book in one of her series checked out now. Great wrap up!