Saturday, September 22, 2018

Review: Why Not Tonight by Susan Mallery

Author: Susan Mallery
Publisher: Harlequin
Date of publication: September 2018

Natalie Kaleta will do anything for the artists at her gallery, including risk life, limb and the effect of humidity on her naturally curly hair. Braving a downpour to check on reclusive Ronan Mitchell, Natalie gets stranded by a mudslide at his mountain home, where the brooding glass artist reveals his playful side, sending her inconvenient crush from under-the-radar to over-the-top.

After a secret tore apart his family and made him question his sense of self, Ronan fled his hometown for Happily Inc, but the sunny small town can’t fix his damaged heart. He won’t give in to his attraction for beautiful, perpetually cheerful Natalie. She’s untouched by darkness—or so he thinks.

Natalie knows that when a heart goes through the flame, it comes out stronger. Life may not be a fairy tale, but sometimes dreams do come true. Why not this one? Why not tonight?

Why Not Tonight is the third book in the Happily, Inc series.  This one is Ronan and Natalie's story.  I have been kind of iffy on this series so far.  I'm sad to say this one is my least favorite of the three.  Natalie works as an admin assistant in the art gallery in town.  She decides to drive her car in a major storm up the mountain to check on Ronan.  The weather forces her to stay at his house for a few days.  The couple get to know each other a bit better and see a different side of each other.

What frustrates me about this series as well as this book is the lack of chemistry between all of the couples so far.  Ronan and Natalie have zero chemistry. Even their friends are surprised when they find out the couple is sleeping together.  It's hard to enjoy a romance where there is no chemistryThe HEA was sweet, but not really enough.  Ronan and Natalie were also kind of so-so characters.  While I liked Natalie's spunk and love of life, she was still kind of annoying.  I got tired of the constant reminders of her financial situation and comparing herself to the other more established artists who made more money.  Ronan was beyond frustrating in his denial that Elaine was his mom.  I felt bad for her and she barely in the book.  I still think the man needs some major therapy. I did cheer Natalie on when she called him out on his BS.  

It's not a bad book and it wasn't an awful read.  I just want more from this series.  The next book, Not Quite Over You, comes out next month. It's Silver's story.  I'll be reading it, but if that couple isn't any better, then  I will probably be calling it a day with this series.

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