Sunday, September 30, 2018

October Mini Musings

Normal: This was a weird little novella.  It was pretty short, so I finished it, but I didn't love it.  Maybe if it had been longer it might have been more enjoyable.  There was no background for what the world was, so I'm not sure I really got the point.

Bidding for Keeps:  This is another of the short novellas about the sorority that puts up their virginity for auction.  At least in this one, I finally understood the reason for the auction.  It still didn't really sit right with me.  Has the author never heard of Go Fund me?  Anyway, it ended up being a nice ending and I did like the couple ultimately.

Relatively Dead:  For the most part, I liked this one.  There wasn't really a mystery, , it was more trying to find out how the main character was connected to the ghosts she is seeing.  Not really a solid solution in the end.  There is a cute romance that shows up late in the book.  I was happy for that outcome, because Abby's  first boyfriend was a major douche.  I'll probably pick up the next one to see if there is more explanation.

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