Saturday, September 29, 2018

Books I Didn't Finish - September Edition

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating:  I only made it through the first chapter.  The main character, Hazel, was such an over the top hot mess. Think socially awkward, no-filter single female times a thousand. I already hated her after reading her POV for a few pages.   How do you manage to be best friends with someone and never find out her maiden name or notice that her brother is the guy you knew from college?  I didn't buy that one.  Oh and for the record...kindergartners are already potty trained.  I wanted to love this one, but no.

The Moscow Deception:  I was so lost reading this book that I gave up.  I probably needed to go back and re-read the first book.  I couldn't remember what happened, so I spent a lot of this book lost.  Usually, I can power through and it comes back to me, but that never happened here.  I didn't love the first book enough to re-read it, so I'll be giving up on this series.

Tailspin: I'm majorly bummed out because this is the second new release in as many years of this author's that I have DNF'd.  I got about 30% in and was bored to tears.   I'm, not sure what is going on with her writing lately, but I hope the next one is more enjoyable.

The Naturalist: I loved the Jessica Blackwood series.  I gave all of them 5 stars.  But this new series was a huge snoozefest.  I have my degree in biology, so I understood the science.  However it wasn't interesting.  I gave up at about 50%.  I just couldn't push through any more. The main character was dull and forgettable. I hope he goes back to writing about Jessica again.

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