Monday, December 2, 2019

Review: The One Who Stays by Toni Blake

Author: Toni Blake
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: August 2019

Summer Island has always been home to Meg Sloan. She runs the Summerbrook Inn, like her grandmother did, and she loves the laid-back pace of life and the close-knit community the island offers. Meg also loves Zack Sheppard, a local man she’s been seeing for years. What she doesn’t love is Zack’s refusal to commit to her, his reluctance to be exclusive with her.

Seth Darden arrives on Summer Island in search of summer work, but also in search of something else—his past. There are secrets buried at the Summerbrook Inn, secrets that forged the path of Seth’s life. But he wasn’t counting on falling for the lovely innkeeper, Meg.

When Meg meets Seth, she can’t ignore the sparks that fly between them, even though she feels like her heart has been torn in half. But if Zack won’t commit, should she take the leap with Seth? And can she even have a future with him if he can’t reckon with his past

The One Who Stays is the first book in the Summer Island series.  This is Meg and Seth's story.  I'll start by saying that I did ultimately enjoy the romance.  I liked Meg and Seth as a couple. I was definitely rooting for them to have a HEA.  I thought that Seth's story was kind of heartbreaking.  I also loved the passages from Meg's grandmother's diary.  The little twist that is in the end wasn't too hard to figure out, but it was sweet.

What I didn't love was the love triangle story line.  I understand that Meg had a history with Zack, but honestly it dragged on way too long.  The "who will she choose?"  storyline was ridiculous.  I mean we know who she will end up with so the entire scenario was unnecessary and it got old really fast.  Despite this, I did end up liking the book in the end.  I am looking forward to the next book, The Giving Heart.

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