Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March Mini Musings

His to Defend:  While I didn't like this one as much a the second book, I did enjoy it.  I liked the main couple.  I loved how Sergei was all in from the start.  What I didn't love was Evie's son.  He is seven, but talks and acts a lot older  Every time he was on the page, I said, he is seven.  Second graders don't have complicated math or US history tests.  No mother would let a 7YO go trick or treating until 10 with a bunch of teenages.  Le'ts keep it realistic.  Despite that, I would recommend.

Luke's Gift:  This was a very sweet follow-up to Tanner's Promise in the Harlow Brothers series.  I enjoyed Luke and Mary's story.  The "secret" that Luke had was very heartwarming and one of hope.  I loved how he included his little sister in it. I definitely recommend this one.

Judd's Vow: This is the final book in the Harlow brothers series.  I loved this final book.  Judd and Savannah's story was so sweet.  I loved watching them tear down their walls and find safety and love with each other.  Little Wyatt made the book though.  I highly recommend this series.

The Twisted Ones: I can honestly say that I have no idea what happened in this book.  I am baffled by the glowing reviews for this book.  Maybe it was just over my head, but I didn't get it.  I really wouldn't recommend this one.  It was boring and made no sense.

Eight Perfect Murders:  This was a great thriller with many twists and turns.  I loved all of the characters, especially the main one.  The ending was a complete surprise.  There should be a content warning though.  This book will spoil you for several mystery novels.  So be forewarned if any of them are on your TBR.

Fallen:  This is the sequel to Hidden in the Hidden Ops series.  I am becoming a huge fan of this series.  The characters are fun and entertaining.  There is a lot of suspense and plenty of romance.  This one is Brigid and Raider's story.  I highly recommend it and the series.

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I've got Eight Perfect Murders set to read this week!