Monday, June 29, 2020

June Mini Musings

Lake Season:  I liked this one more than the second book, Carolina Breeze.  I thought the romance between the main characters was really sweet.  The twist surprise at the end was heartwarming.  I do recommend this one.

The Program:  I had briefly heard about this cult in the news and I was interested in learning more.  I had hoped this book would give me more information, but I found it kind of surface level and vague.  Even though it is a personal story, I didn't get what I wanted from the book.  I do recommend it though because it was still interesting.

Flying Gold: This is the sequel to Hard Chrome.  I enjoyed this one slightly better than the first book. I liked the couple a bit more. It's a second chance romance.  I liked Matt but Tiffani did have to grow on me. It was a bit predictable in the end.   I also recommend this one.

The Prank:  This was a quick short story with a paranormal twist. While I enjoyed the story, I wish it was a little longer.  It would have better had it had the characters been more fleshed out.  I think YA paranormal lovers will enjoy this one.

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