Saturday, July 4, 2020

Books I Didn't Finish - June Edition

Ghosts of Harvard:  I was hoping for a good possible ghost story.  Instead, I was so bored.  The characters were flat and uninteresting.  The story just didn't pull me in.  I got about 25% in and put it down to start a new book.   I'm sure there are some who would love this, I didn't.

Saving Ruby King:  I really struggled with this book.  There should be some major warnings with it.  I was disgusted by the amount of people that ignored or looked the other way when it came to abuse of the main character as well as abuse of characters in the past flashbacks.  Nothing excuses that, especially when it comes from a minister.  Don't get me started on the abuse committed by a minister.  Also, I'm not a fan of making things like a building a main character.  Yes, a building narrates a portion of the book.   This was not a book for me.

The Woman in the Green Dress:   This is another book that wasn't for me.  I will admit to being really confused every time the timeline and perspective swapped.  I had no idea what was going on.  I switched to the audiobook and it was worse.  I also found it kind of boring and I just didn't really care about any of the characters.

That Summer in Maine:  I'm not a fan in general of books that feature bratty teens who need a major attitude adjustment.  Or feature parents who don't have conversations with their teens about how things are going in their lives.  This book had both things, so I opted out early on.

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