Tuesday, July 28, 2020

July Mini Musings

Deep in Alaskan Woods:  I really enjoyed this romantic suspense.  I thought I had figured everything out, but I definitely didn't.  I loved Quinn and Alexandra together.  I also loved that Alexandra wasn't wishy-washy and stood her ground in the beginning.  I look forward to the next one.

Nothing But Trouble:  I thought this was a cute romance.  I didn't hate it but I didn't love it.  IT wasn't anything really new that I haven't read before.  I didn't love Wade for a lot of the book.  He was to grow on me.  I'll probably pick up the next one.

Hideaway Inn:  This is another romance that I thought was just OK.  Honestly, I didn't love the couple in this.  I thought their relationship was a bit toxic.  Both guys over reacted about everything. This is not a relationship that I see lasting a long time.  The  town of New Hope was interesting though.

The Trouble with Christmas:  I liked this one much more than Nothing But Trouble.  The main characters were a better fit for each other.  There were a lot of laugh out loud moments.  I would love to see the Christmas decorations in real life.  I do recommend this one.

Wildest Dreams:  I thought this was a super cheesy romantic suspense.  The heroine was exhausting and kept taking the stupidest chances.  The hero was a bit over the op in his brooding.  I also didn't love the coincidences in the end of the book.  It's not the worst I have read, but it wasn't great.

Take Me Apart:  This book was less than thrilling.  I ended up skim reading the last 25% of the book.  I could see where it was going and just wanted it to end. The ending was less than satisfying.  I didn't  like any of the characters.  I also wasn't a fan of the portrayal of mental illness.  I wouldn't recommend this one.

The Duke and I:  I would love to say I loved this book.  I did like the couple and I thought their romance was sweet.  There were a few sweet moments and some laugh out loud moments.  I took off a star because of a decision that Daphne made. A decision that seemed to be swept under the rug.  It was a bit icky to me and had the roles been reversed, then I think readers would think differently.  I did love Simon though.  The mom in me wanted to hug him close.

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