Monday, December 28, 2020

Books I Didn't Finish - December Edition

Instant Karma:  I was about 4 pages into tis book and I had to stop. The main character was so annoying.  I had a feeling that she was someone who never took responsibility for her actions.  I just didn't care enough to find out how it all worked out.

The Loop:  I DNF'd this one at about 65%.  The book started off strong with an interesting premise.  Then at about the halfway mark, it spiraled into a mess.  I had no idea what was going on.  I hated all of the characters.  I skipped to the end and was so glad I didn't invest any more time to end up with that ending. 

Stuck-up Suit:  This book was a mess.  The biggest thing that I couldn't get out of my mind while reading was what person actually has a phone without a password or lock on it?  Both main characters were annoying.  I couldn't see them together.  I had no interest in watching this couple try to fall in love.  

Cold Vanish:  I usually love true crime or books like this about missing people.  But I found this one really boring.  I also ended up reading some controversial things about the author from the family and what he did to write this book.  I decided I didn't want to support this book if the allegations were true.


Lauren Stoolfire said...

I've got a library audiobook hold on for Instant Karma... we'll see if I have any luck!

Kari Boardman said...

Fingers crossed you have better luck than me.