Saturday, December 26, 2020

December Mini Musings


Custom Built:
  This is the first in the Fast & Fury series.  It's a spin-off of the Knights of Fury series.  I enjoyed the romance in this one.  Crow and Bronte had great chemistry and I loved their epilogue.  The MC doesn't play a huge role in this one, but Bronte does find out some secrets about her father.  The poor girl goes through a lot in this book, but handles it all with great strength.  I definitely recommend this one.

Mine Till Midnight:  So this one ended up being OK for me.  I did like the family dynamic between the Hathaways. They had been through so much yet I could feel the love and caring between them all.  I also liked Cam and everything had did for Amelia.  I just didn't love Amelia.  She was just too stubborn for me and kind of meh.  There was a lack of chemistry between the couple.  The ending was cute and I probably will continue with the series.

The Blood Gospel
:  I previously DNF'd this book.  Not remembering that I had, I picked it up recently on audio.   I ended up loving it and am glad I gave it a second chance.  It's an interesting and unique take on vampires and religion.   There were lots of twists and tons of action.  The characters were interesting and I cared about what happened to them.  I also liked that none of the characters were necessarily safe in the story.  This was a great way to start off the series.
A Lord Apart:  This is the second book in the "Way to a Lord's Heart" series.  I loved Daniel and Penelope's story. They were very cute together.  I loved how Daniel made Penelope feel better about the "scandal" in her life.  Their fall into love was seamless and really sweet.  I highly recommend this one and can't wait to dive into the next one.

Innocent Blood
:  This is the sequel to The Blood Gospel.  I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first book. It felt like nothing happened for a large portion of the book. But it was still an interesting read.  There is much more religion tie-in with this book.  I felt like there was more in the way of a "treasure hunt".  I enjoyed the aspect immensely.  We are also introduced to new characters as well as continuing with the ones from the first book.  This is a trilogy, so I'll probably read the final story to see if the world can be saved.

Dark August: I have mixed feelings about this one.  I feel like the first half of the book dragged.  I almost DNF'd it.  But at about 50%, the pace picks up and the mystery actually gets pretty good. There were twists and turns and I figured everything out along with the main character.  I would recommend trying this one out.  It did end up being an enjoyable debut mystery.  It just needed a little bit better pacing.

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Ethan said...

Ooh I'm glad to read that you enjoyed The Blod Gospel on audio. Like you, I also DNFd it years ago. It sounds like it might be worth a revisit!