Sunday, December 26, 2021

December Mini Musings

It Started With a Kiss:  This one is an insta-love romance where really nothing happens.  I'm not usually a big lover of angst in my romances, but I needed at least something in this one.  It was almost too sugary sweet of a book.  The characters were kind of boring.  It's not a bad story, it's just kind of meh,

Winter's Mourn:  This is the first book in a series featuring Rookie FBI agent Winter Black.  I thought it was a solid mystery.  I enjoyed the main character, Winter.  She came across as a realistic survivor if trauma.  While there is a mystery in the book that is solved, there seems to be a story arch that will continue in later books.  A serial killer is following Winter and leaving her messages.  I am looking forward to the next in the series.
Spring at Saddle Run: I really enjoyed this one.  The main characters spouses died together in a car crash.  They have lived with the horrific truth that their spouses were having an affair.  I enjoyed their romance and how they took their time.  I did figure out the truth of what happened fairly early on, but it didn't take away from the romance.  I also enjoyed Joe's relationship with his daughter.  I definitely recommend this one.   

The Last Goodnight:  This one was kind of OK for me.  The romance was a bit too insta-love for me. It was a bit more like insta-lust.  It just seemed a bit forced at times.  They mystery was not easy to figure out so I liked that aspect.  It was long and repetitive.  I'll probably read the next one.  

Christmas with the Sheriff:  This was a very sweet romance.  I loved Julia and Chase together, Their friendship and history made their romance so believable.  I also loved Chase's daughter and his relationship with her.  This was a cute and fun Christmas romance and one I highly recommend.

'Tis the Season to be Kissed:  This was a very cute and sexy short story.  I liked the force proximity situation.  The main characters did have a background together, so it was believable.  My only complaint is that it was too short.  I wanted to see what came next with the couple.

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