Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Review: Killer Content by Kiley Roache

Author: Kiley Roache
Publisher: Underlined
Publication Date: November 2021

35 million followers. One dead body.

The six teenagers who make up the Hype House seem to have it all. A beach front Malibu mansion, millions of TikTok followers, model good looks, and sponsorship deals up to $30,000 per post. Everything's pretty much a Gen-Z paradise. Except that one member of the house has just turned up dead in the infinity pool. And the rest of them are suspects.

When the group TikTok account starts posting cryptic messages about the murder, the police limit their investigation to the members of the house. Now old joke videos are filed as evidence and past rivalries start to look like motives.

As investigators dig into these influencers' lives beyond their glossy internet personalities, they discover all five had reasons their lives would've been easier with Sydney Reynolds dead. But only one of them killed her. 

I'll start by saying that I am most definitely not the audience for this book.    I'm not even sure why I finished the book. Probably because I didn't have anything else on my iPod that day.  Anyway, the story is about a group of teenage "influencers" who rent a house for the summer. When one of them dies, the others in the house become suspects.

The story is very predictable.  I called the "twist" from the beginning.  The reveal is about 75% of the way through, so the ending is kind of anticlimactic.  The characters were all equally horrible and self absorbed.  I had to suspend disbelief that their parents would allow them at age 17 to live by themselves for the summer.  Also, the way the police handled the investigation was very unrealistic.    I wouldn't recommend this one.

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