Friday, March 4, 2022

Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt from Eloping with the Lady by Daisy Landish


: Daisy Landish
Narrator: Harry Frost
Length: 1 hour 22 minutes
Publisher: Daisy Landish2022
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: The Lady Series, Book 4
Release date: Dec. 30, 2021

Synopsis: Eloping with The Lady is the fourth standalone Regency Romance story in The Lady series.

As the firstborn daughter of the Allington family, Prunella bears the weight of her mother's social-climbing expectations. She knows the rules and has made a point of setting the best example possible for her younger sister Arabella. Prunella's first Season is going swimmingly and she expects to make a most satisfactory match. Until she meets George...

All the stories can be read in any order. Though this is the fourth story, it unfolds before Taming The Lady.

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My thoughts:

Eloping with the Lady is the fourth book in this series.  This one is Prunella's story.  In the previous three books, Prunella is already married and her brother is back from his exile in Paris.  This one explains all of those events.  So essentially it takes place before the first book.  This one is by far my favorite of the four I have read so far.  I thought Prunella and George were cute together.  Even though it's quick, I felt a lot of chemistry between them. I loved watching Prunella finally stick up for herself and stop being the "perfect" daughter.   I highly recommend this one.

About the Author: Daisy Landish

When she’s not writing romance books, Daisy Landish enjoys hiking at dawn and riding into the sunset on her trusted steed, Rosebud.

About the Narrator: Harry Frost

Harry Frost is an English voice actor specialising in audiobook narration and production. He’s passionate about the power of the audio medium to bring literature to life in every sense; to turn books into true companions for life as it is lived, rather than things one must escape the world and defer responsibility to read. His studio is in rural Leicestershire, he has recently found an unlikely love of Economics, and he mixes a really good Manhattan.

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