Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dread of Night (Volume One)

Author: Joshua D. Boeringa
Illustrator: Robert Frost
Publisher: Sissy Fist Press

Thirteen stories to keep you up at night.

Check the closet and under the bed. Grab a flashlight and hide out under the covers. In these stories, you will encounter monsters escaped from your nightmares. A helpful stranger is not quite as kind as he seems. An old man has a difficult time letting go. A fisherman's first catch of the day might also be his last.

Read on if you dare!

Dread of Night is a great collection of very creepy short stories. This book brought me back to my "tween" years when all I wanted to read were "true" ghost stories and tales about haunted houses. My favorites of the book are "Our Little Secret" and "Teddy". But really, all of them are fun to read and will leave you shivering! I also loved the little poems that are sprinkled throughout the book between tales. Mr. Boeringa has quite the imagination. Rounding out the book are great illustrations by Robert Frost. He did a great job of giving the reader wonderful visual images to compliment the tales.

I would recommend this book to any lover of quick creepy stories. (I read it in an afternoon) I think it is appropriate for YA and adult readers alike. I would have loved this book when I was younger! I look forward to Volume 2!


* note: I read an complimentary copy of Dread of Night supplied courtesy of the author. I was not compensated in anyway for this review. By receiving a complimentary copy, I am in no way obligated to write a good or bad review. I am an honest reviewer and my reviews are based on my own opinion and only written by me.*

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