Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stone Kissed

Author: Keri Stevens
Publisher: Carina Press
When Delia Forrest talks to statues, they talk back. She is, after all, the last of the Steward witches.

After an arsonist torches her ancestral home with her estranged father still inside, Delia is forced to sell the estate to pay his medical bills. Her childhood crush, Grant Wolverton, makes a handsome offer for Steward House, vowing to return it to its former glory. Delia agrees, as long as he'll allow her to oversee the restoration.

Working so closely with Grant, Delia finds it difficult to hide her unique talent—especially when their growing passion fuels her abilities.

But someone else lusts after both her man and the raw power contained in the Steward land. Soon Delia finds herself fighting not just for Grant's love, but for both their lives...

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started Stone Kissed, the debut novel by Keri Stevens. I was pleasantly surprised. From the first chapter, I was swept into the story which is well written and engaging. Stone Kissed was a nice change of pace from the usual paranormal stories that I tend to read. Delia Forrest is the last in a line of witches who can communicate with stone figures and statues. As the story progresses, her love for Grant causes the stone figures to come alive. I really liked Grant’s character. While he is a ruthless business man, he has a soft side for the people he cares about. The chemistry between Grant and Delia is pretty strong. Both are searching for a home and both want to find it in Steward House. The ending is very sweet and left me smiling. The one thing that I did wish for was more detail about the Steward witches and their history, especially Cecily. I think it would have rounded out the story nicely. I would recommend giving this one a shot. I think Ms. Stevens has a bright future ahead of her.


* note: I read a complimentary copy of Stone Kissed supplied courtesy of the publisher. I was not compensated in anyway for this review. By receiving a complimentary copy, I am in no way obligated to write a good or bad review. I am an honest reviewer and my reviews are based on my own opinion and only written by me.*

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Stacey Donaldson said...

Seems like a good story. I like the talking to the stone figures and statues aspect, I always look at them and wonder what they would say, if they could speak (creepy huh?).

Great review!

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