Thursday, April 7, 2011

Throwback Thursday - The Playboy

Author: Carly Phillips First Published January 1st 2003 by Warner Forever Officer Rick Chandler isn't such a bad guy -- he just doesn't believe in marriage. But that doesn't stop his mother and the rest of the women in town from trying to set him up with every single woman in sight! Enter Kendall Sutton, a formerly engaged firebrand who's just as wary of marital vows as Rick. The two strike up a convenient arrangement to keep their respective families at bay, but could true love evolve out of such false pretenses?

The Playboy is the follow up to Carly Phillips's The Bachelor, which I reviewed here on Throwback Thursday a few weeks ago.

The Playboy is a pretty decent sequel. It involves the middle brother, Rick, finding his HEA. I liked Rick’s character. He is always rescuing someone and has a huge heart. I felt badly that his mother was always trying to fix him up with the available women in the town. I think that would get annoying after a while. I’m not sure I liked Kendall all that much. I thought she was a bit whiny and weak in the beginning. When presented with the one thing she has been searching for all her life, her first instinct is to run. Thankfully, she comes to her senses. The attraction between the 2 was instant, but it quickly moves from lust to love, especially for Rick. Most of the characters from the first book are back in this one. I loved the relationship between Rick’s mother and the doctor. The one thing I did wish for was an epilogue in this one as I thought the ending was pretty abrupt.

I recommend this one if you are planning to read the whole series. It was entertaining and a pretty quick. Pick up the paperback version though. The narrator was the same in this one and his women continued to sound like valley girls.


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