Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential

by:  Francine Pascal
published by:  MacMillan Audio

I won this audiobook from MacMillan Audio and that's why I listened to it, otherwise it's not my cup of tea.  I never read any of the Sweet Valley High books when I was growing up.  Not a single one.  I think that's why I didn't totally hate this book.  Apparently if you've read any of the SVH books, this book is awful.  Read the reviews of Goodreads or Amazon, this book gets ripped to shreds.  I was really surprised.  It wasn't just "this book sucks" kind of comments, it was long drawn out explanations of contextual errors.  I never read the books, so I didn't know it was wrong.

I thought it was ok, I found myself drawn into it, waiting to find out what was going to happen.  My biggest problem with it was the time line.  There seems to be several different points in time that the story is set in, present, 8 months prior, 5 years prior, and 10 years prior.  The story keeps switching between those time periods withouth any indication and it was a little hard to follow.  It could have been because I was listening to the audiobook, but I suspect not.

If you're a SVH fan, pick it up, see if you think it's as awful as the reviewers are saying it is.  If you weren't a SVH fan, it's an ok adult drama.

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