Monday, September 5, 2011

Magnificent Middle Grade Week: Reel Life Staring Us

by:  Lisa Greenwald
published by:  Amulet Books
publish date:  September 1, 2011

Rockwood Hills Junior High is known for the close-knit cliques that rule the school. When arty new girl Dina gets the opportunity to do a video project with queen bee Chelsea, she thinks this is her ticket to a great new social life. But Chelsea has bigger problems than Dina can imagine: her father has lost his job, and her family is teetering on the brink. Without knowing it, Dina might just get caught in Chelsea’s free fall.

I'm going to confess that I really liked this book.  I'm a 30 something grown woman and I read this book in one sitting because it was so cute.  I really liked Dina. 

This would be a great book for a girl heading into middle school or a girl moving to a new school in middle school.  It talked a lot about trying to fit in at a new school. 

I didn't find anything in this book objectionable from a parental standpoint.  The one thing that was a little bit iffy was that the kids in this book were obviously obscenely rich.  $300 for a pair of jeans?  Does anybody actually pay that?  That was the only thing that sort of raised my eyebrow, but that was it.

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DMS said...

I love middle grade novels- and I am in my 30s, too. Great review! Sounds interesting- and I can't imagine ever paying $300 for jeans! But I like to be thrifty with my clothes!