Thursday, September 22, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Tempest in Eden

Author: Sandra Brown
First Published in 1983 by Jove

A renowned artist's model, Shay Morrison thinks nothing of exposing her body to inspire great works of art. Hidden inside her, where no one can see, is the pain of a failed marriage. Then she accidentally walks in on Ian Douglas as he steps from a shower. Every gorgeous bit of him is immediately apparent — as is his disapproval of Shay. What isn't so obvious is his profession: Ian is a minister in a very staid community. Challenged and hurt, Shay decides to seduce him. But waiting for her are the traps of her own weaknesses and the potent force of sexuality ...

I have been mulling this one over for a few days. I'm not sure I liked the characters all the much. Shay is a nude model and Ian is a minister. In the beginning, Shay comes across as a beautiful, confident woman. She enjoys life and what she does for a living. After meeting Ian, she becomes uncertain and almost clingy. I didn't really understand why she would switch all of a sudden because of a man she met one weekend. I thought her behavior in the beginning was appalling. Honestly, why would a minister like Ian even think twice about a woman that acted like that toward him? Because he lusts after her. Being a minister, he won't sleep with her because they aren't married. So, guess what happens? They jump into marriage without really knowing each other and then wonder why they have issues after.

Tempest in Eden is not Sandra Brown at her best. I've read better. You have to love the cover though!


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