Thursday, September 1, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Lightning That Lingers

Author: Sharon and Tom Curtis
First Published in 1983 by Loveswept (a division of Random House, Inc.)

He was the Cougar Club's star attraction, mesmerizing hundreds of women in the smoky glare of a spotlight, his hips swaying in the provocative motions of love. But in the dusty attic of a deserted mansion, Philip Brooks captivated his chosen lady with a sensuously measured waltz. Both were dances of seduction, revealing two sides of the same uncommon man--and Jennifer Hamilton offered her heart to the kindred spirit, the tender poet of him. Together they wove a tapestry of love that merged two sensitive souls. But Philip's worldly side was alien to her, threatening to unravel the magical threads binding them…

Random House, Inc. has recently re-issued some of its classic Loveswept titles in e-book format. Lightning That Lingers is one of the first 8 to be released. The premise may sound a little cheesy...the shy librarian and the male stripper, but it totally worked.

Philip has an honorable reason for stripping. He needs to make money to maintain his land for the wildlife he cares about. Jennifer is a bit prudish and shy, but Philip sees something in her that is unique. It isn't love at first sight, and that made the HEA so much more believable. Both have wounded hearts and both are loners. I loved them together!

The romance between these 2 is very sweet and sensual.
The majority of the book involves Philip's seduction of Jennifer. But, it isn't crude or eye-rolling. It is, in a word, magical. The authors really know how to write a great love scene! When I was through reading it, all I could say was, "Wow!"

This is a great throwback romance and I know it will be one that I will read again. It definitely goes in the keeper pile!


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