Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Perfect Mistress

Author: Victoria Alexander
Publisher: Zebra ( February 2011) Audio by Brilliance Audio

Widowed Julia, Lady Winterset, has inherited a book--a very shocking book--that every gentleman in London seems to want. For a charismatic businessman, it's a chance to build an empire. For a dashing novelist, it could guarantee fame. But to a proud, domineering earl, it means everything. . . 

Harrison Landingham, Earl of Mountdale, can't let the obstinate Julia release the shameless memoir that could ruin his family's name. But the only way to stop her may be equally sordid--if far more pleasurable. For his rivals are intent on seducing the captivating woman to acquire the book. And Harrison isn't the sort to back away from a competition with the stakes this high. Now the winner will claim both the scandalous memoirs and the heart of their lovely owner. . .

Julia is a widow who is financially strapped, having been cut off from her dead husband's allowance.  She decides to sell her great-grandmother's memoirs to make money.   This sets off an amusing string of events that has three suitors trying to woo her in order to get the book.  I have not had the pleasure of reading anything by Ms. Alexander before, so I was pleasantly surprised with her latest.  I liked Julia and Harrison.  Thought they had great chemistry together.  Harrison was such an amusing character.  It was fun to watch him overcome his stodgy, proper ways in order to woo Julia.  I liked that they became friends before they fell into love.

The book has snippets of Julia's great-grandmother's memoirs sprinkled through out the book.  Each passage corresponds to what is happening in Julia's life at the time.  I almost wish that I could read all of Hermione's journal as I'm sure they would be very amusing and steamy!  The peripheral characters really enhance the book.  I loved Hermione's ghost and her gentlemen suitors that kept popping up.  I also loved Harrison's father.

My only real complaint about the book was with the audio version that I listened to.  I didn't care for the narrator's voice.  I thought she made all of the women sound much older than they were in the book. Even the 23 YO in the book sounds in her 50s.  I kind of wish I had read the paper version instead.  Other than that I definitely recommend this one.  It was a fun read.



Unknown said...

It's really interesting how the voice of a reader can influence your feelings on a book.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

This sounds interesting. I'll make sure to seek out the paper form.