Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Tour: Missing in Mexico

by:  Stuart Gustafson
published by:  ebook

"Missing in Mexico" is Stuart Gustafson's debut mystery tourism novel. Private Investigator Stan W. is hired to find a college freshman who’s missing after a family vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. Even with local help and some promising leads, he’s unable to find her and returns home to inform the hurting parents. Months later he receives a mysterious letter and jumps on the next plane to Los Cabos. Will this be the break that he needs to find her? Or will she remain missing – Missing in Mexico?

This turned out to be a really great book.  I've learned with ebooks of the self-published varieties it's, as Forrest Gump says, like a box of that someone already ate all the good ones out of and you're left with the ones you don't really like.  This book was like finding your favorite candy the devilish chocolate eater skipped over.

The story was excellent.  The pacing was laid out well.  The reader could figure out fairly easily where she was, but not why she was there.  At least I couldn't. What I wanted to know is what the heck happend to Carmelita?  One minute Stan's all happy with her and then he's got another chick telling her there are no other women?  What??  Is Stan going to be a womanizer?

I was very pleased with the quality of writing.  However, I did notice a few (very few) spelling errors.  This is one of the reasons why I always suggest to writers (when they ask...), self-published and otherwise, to please invest in the services of a copy editor.  Even just hiring a college English major can do a world of good.  Don't rely on spell check.  It doesn't pick up on things like road/rode or dry/try errors. 

Right now, this book is a great bargain on Amazon for the Kindle users.  I'd definitely recommend it!  It looks like this is the start of a series and I look forward to seeing where it goes.


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