Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blog Tour - Shades of Blood

Author:Martin C. Sharlow
Publisher: Self

Melissa, Michael and Debbie's evening of celebration and victory ends with a chilling realization: something out there is still taking people off of the quiet streets of Hazel Dell.

While searching for answers, Melissa's other friend, Sarah, is dragged into the mess with them. and soon Melissa must divide her time between solving the mystery of the disappearances, figuring out what it means to have a vampire boyfriend, and finding a way to protect both of her friends from the new and unknown dangers of Portland's nightlife. But even if Melissa can muster the strength and resolve to try, can she really protect the people she cares about from vampires and the monsters that still lurk in Hazel Dell Park, when even Michael is keeping dangerous secrets from her?

Melissa must discover the answers to all of these questions herself, or even her vampire protector might not be able to save her and her friends from the dangers that stalk through the shadows of Hazel Dell.

Melissa and Michael were first introduced in Shades of Twilight where they battled an unknown stalker who was snatching women off the street. This time around, women are still going missing and there seems to be a strange group of monks thrown into the mix. I have to say, I did enjoy this one more than the first. I felt like I got to know both Melissa and Michael a little more. Also, Michael reveals more about the vampire mythology and more about himself. The vampire world that the author has created is interesting and unique. My biggest complaint is that I felt the story was way too short. It read more like a novella for me with a big cliff hanger. Who are the mysterious men in robes and what are they after? Also, what is Michael really trying to do to Melissa by having her drink all of his blood. I was left with too many unanswered questions. Hopefully, they will be answered in the next installment.


About the author:

I'm a single dad with three children all of them above the age of 18. I've been writing on and off for years, but I didn't start to actually write seriously until the summer of 2009. My air conditioner wasn't working to well on a very hot day, so i went out to a McDonald's to cool off. I brought an old story i had been playing around with to pass the time while I waited for things to cool. I cant remember if I completed a chapter or not, but it felt so calming to write that I came back the next day and did again, and so it went till Storytellers was done.

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