Thursday, August 18, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Isn't it Romantic? (Precious Gem Romance # 254)

Author: Shannon McKenna (writing as Shannon Anderson)
First published in 2000 by Zebra Books (Kensington Publishing Corp)

A GAME OF HEARTS — Pretty graduate student Nell Bradley has just gotten a big break -- a chance to stop waiting tables and add a little magic to a new computer game. But she can't believe her new boss is the regular customer she's smitten with, the one who scarcely notices her... or has he? — Computer whiz Duncan Burke has a thriving company, movie-star good looks, and a staggering lack of imagination. If his new fantasy game is going to be a success, he needs to throw away logic and take a chance on romance. Reprogramming Duncan's guarded heart won't be easy, but Nell is romantic enough for two....

I'm a big fan of Shannon McKenna and have read her entire McCloud Brothers series. This throwback is written under her pseudonym, Shannon Anderson. I thought it was really cute. Duncan is kind of a stick in the mud, but adorable at the same time. I just love clueless male characters like him. It was fun to watch his transformation after he finally notices Nell. Nell knows there is a feeling man behind his rigid life. She is willing to risk her own heart to break down his barriers. The ending was incredibly sweet and one no woman could resist! Definitely a must read for Shannon McKenna fans.


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