Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog Tour - Of Wolves and Men

Author:G. A. Hauser
Publisher: The GA Hauser Collection LLC (April 2011)

'Cowboy' Charlie Mosby worked on a horse ranch in Heber, Utah. He loved his work, the owners of the ranch, and his co-workers; wranglers who helped tourists with guided horse tours and trail riding all year round.
But after a chance meeting with a handsome gay man who had helped Charlie change a flat tire on Interstate 80 a month ago, Charlie was beginning to wonder about his sexuality. And if that wasn't confusing enough, strange things were happening on the ranch.
Satanic worship? A strange cult ritual? Whatever it was, it wasn't good for the owners or the horses on it.
One night Charlie stumbles upon Roman Burk in the woods, naked, bleeding and shivering in the cold. What Charlie never imagined was who -or what- Roman was. Even though the handsome stranger seemed to vanish at times and reappear as if by magic, Charlie was infatuated by this man.
Roman was fearful of revealing his secret. Most of all to a cowboy who was spending more time hunting him, than loving him.
In this shape-shifting story of sexual bonding and discovery, can both Charlie and Roman find what they're looking for? It's a question of honor; one that has been up for debate since the first time man set his eyes on this formidable predator. It's about the mutual respect of Wolves and Men.

Let me first say that this isn't my normal genre. This book does have M/M erotic content in it, so I wasn't too sure if I would like it or not. Having said that, I did enjoy the book. The premise of the curse was interesting and I liked that Roman could turn into both a crow and a wolf. I thought that was unique as usually it is only one animal. I loved Charlie. He just wants to please and help everyone. He was just too cute. I really felt for him as he struggled with his feelings for Roman. I would have liked to see more of Roman's and Charlie's relationship that didn't involve quick sex or turning into animals.

My only complaint about the book is that I wish it had been longer. I felt like not much was resolved in the end. I know that there is a sequel to this one that hopefully wraps up the mystery of the curse. Instead of 2 shorter books, I wish this one was just one longer book so the reader isn't left hanging in the end. I want to know what happens next! I will be seeking out the sequel.


About the Author:

I was born in the shadow of the Manhattan skyline in the suburbs of New Jersey in the sleepy town of Fair Lawn. I graduated Fair Lawn High and went to college in Manhattan at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and graduated with honors with bachelor's degree at William Paterson College.

After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts I gave up the idea of being a starving artist and headed for Seattle.

For over a decade I lived in Rain City, and the last eight of those I wore a blue police uniform working for the Seattle Police Department as a patrol officer.

I’ve been writing since 1990 but it wasn’t until I reached the wet British Isles that I published my first book, In The Shadow of Alexander. I lived in Hertfordshire, England for six years and from there I was able to travel and see the wonders of the world. I am back in the good ol’ USA once again and believe me, there’s no place like home.


GA Hauser said...

Thank for featuring me on your blog! GA

Anonymous said...

Both books are very satisfying. I was like you - the first left me hanging and wanting the guys to have some sort of happiness. I am glad the author made it into two complete works - the second fleshed things out so much more, and the series came to a great and satisfying resolution for me.

S.Lira said...

Still need to read book 2!

I will though

Congrats GA on the success!

GA Hauser said...

Thanks for the great review and thank you too Rawiya for stopping by!