Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blog Tour: White Sleeper

by: David R. Fett and Stephen Langford
published by: Synergy Books
publish date: April 12, 2011

When Arkansas experiences a wave of rare fatal diseases, the CDC sends disgraced doctor Dave Richards to investigate, and he knows this is the case that could save his career. When he teams up with FBI agent Paula Mushari, Richards thinks he may have found the person who can help him find the answers. But as they dig deeper, they begin to get a sinister glimpse into what they are dealing with-a vengeful sect, led by the son of a late white supremacist, intent on destroying a nation. As Richards fights to save his job, he and Mushari must race against the clock to prevent a plague of catastrophic proportions.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book since I hadn't heard of either of these authors before. I ended up really liking this book. So much so that I read the entire thing in one sitting.

It's a fast paced medical mystery thriller. It was very well written. It had to be for me to blow through it so quickly. It read like watching a movie. Speaking of which, the authors have the screenplay written out. It'd make a great movie.

Fett and Langford make a great writing team. I enjoy reading medical thrillers and they are a welcome addition to the club.

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