Monday, December 26, 2011

3 Holiday Novellas

Today, I have 3 M/M Christmas novellas from Silver Publishing! Enjoy!

Tears for Christmas
Author: Freddy McKay
Date of Publication: December 2011

After his partner dies, Dan is left to care for their six-year-old son. Gabriel is a new volunteer at a shelter and meets a 'client' running scared. Can Gabe teach Danny to love again? Or will Dan keep running?

Tears for Christmas is a very sweet story about loss and second chances.  Dan has been trying to cope with the loss of the love of his life as well as trying to raise his son.  Once he meets Gabriel, he sees the possibility of a second chance at love.  He only has to allow himself to reach for it.

I loved Dan and Gabe together.  Gabe was so patient with Dan and I was really rooting for them.  This story takes place over the span of a year.  I think that this would have made a great full length novel, because I wanted to see more of the relationship between Dan and Gabriel.  I felt with the length, there was somethig missing. But I was still satisfied with the HEA.  I definitely recommend this one.

Mr. Popsalos
Author: Lisa Worrall
Date of Publication: December 2011

Luke Fisher has been a single parent for six years. During those six years, he has become painfully aware that the moment you reveal that you have a kid, you immediately become less dateable. Rather than set himself up for the inevitable fall, he just doesn’t date. But it doesn’t matter, because he has everything he needs; a beautiful son, a good job, and a supportive family. He doesn’t need anything or anyone else…does he? 

He doesn't think so until two weeks before Christmas, when he meets Jamie in a bar while out with some colleagues. The man is undoubtedly the hottest thing Luke has ever seen and one glance into Jamie's beautiful eyes tells him the feeling is mutual. But will the attraction fade once Jamie finds out about Reggie? After an amazing night together, Luke decides to pre-empt the heartache and throws away Jamie's number, thinking he will never see him again…

As with most novellas, I wanted more after I read this one. Mr. Popsalos was a really cute story.  Jamie and Luke are cute together.   I loved the ending.  Luke definitely gets a life lesson..don't always assume everyone will react the same when they find out you have a child.  I would have liked to see more of the relationship, beyond just the hope of a HEA.  But, for a quick story that leaves you with a smile, this is totally worth checking out.

White Rain
Author: J. R. Loveless
Date of Publication: December 2011

Brand has spent the last four Christmases without the one man he loves more than anything. After Kia left for college, everything changed. Can Brand forget Kia, or will Santa Claus bring him what he wants most for Christmas?

Brand has been in love with his best friend, Kia, for years. But when Kia left for college, everything between them changed. Kia stopped returning his phone calls and letters and Brand knew his friend had moved on without him. But how could he forget Kia? When he arrives home Christmas Eve to find Kia on his doorstep, his world shifts once more. Kia begs for forgiveness, a forgiveness that Brand isn't sure he has in him. Can he accept Kia's apology, or will the white rain bury his heart in ice forever?

Have you ever wanted to have a second chance with that lost love?  In White Rain, Brand gets to do just that.  This is a sweet story and while it is short, I felt like I got to know both characters well enough to believe their relationship.  I liked the idea of the letters that Brand gets to read to see what Kia has been up to over the past four years.  Give this one a shot, you won't be sorry.

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