Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blog Tour - Outlawed Love by Jason Krumbine

Author: Jason Krumbine
Publisher: One Stray Word
Date of publication: January 2011

Kate Sharpe, US Marshal, is a woman on a mission with no time for love or romance. Her prisoner, the handcuffed hottie, Kyle Archer, just turned State's evidence on notorious mobster Jonathon Bragan. Kate's responsible for getting him from the courthouse to the jailhouse, but can she do it without losing her heart?

This is a very different story from the one I reviewed last month by Mr. Krumbine. Outlawed Love is a romantic suspense novella.  The action takes off right away and doesn't let up until the end.  It was a wild ride.  

Kate and Kyle are from 2 very different sides of the law, yet the attraction is instant and mutual, much to Kate's chagrin.  I liked Kate and Kyle. Their attraction was believable.   My only regret with this one is that the story was a little too short.  I would have liked to see more relationship development between the couple.  

Whatever type of story Mr. Krumbine is writing, it is well written and thought out.  He has a talent for writing and I know he is an author I will be following.

About the author:

Jason Krumbine is the author behind the pulse pounding, wisecracking Alex Cheradon Series, the high concept Christian fantasy “Heaven’s Superhero”, and the tongue-in-cheek paranormal romance “A Graveyard Romance.” He can be reached at, or on twitter @jasonkrumbine.

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