Thursday, December 22, 2011

Throwback Thursday - The Cove by Catherine Coulter

Author: Catherine Coulter
First published in 1996 by Jove

Sally St. John Brainerd is on the run from the authorities, who want to question her about her possible involvement in her father's murder. FBI Special Agent James Quinlan goes undercover in the picturesque town of The Cove-home of the World's Greatest Ice Cream-where Sally seeks sanctuary. But The Cove and its elderly residents harbor sinister secrets of their own. After Quinlan and Sally discover two dead bodies, Sally vanishes, and Quinlan turns to his partner Dillo n Savich to rescue her from a place where no one should be held. Quinlan discovers she is indeed the key to a murder-but whose murder?

 The Cove by Catherine Coulter is a wild ride.  I really enjoyed it!  This book has so much going on in it that it is hard to talk about it without giving away major plot points.  Not only is there more than one murder, there is more than one killer.  Any book that keeps you on your toes is a great book.  I never knew who to trust.  This is a well thought out and well written mystery with a touch of romance.  Any fan of Ms. Coulter should seek this one out.

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