Thursday, December 15, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Tender Loving Cure by Gaye Kasper

Author: Gayle Kasper
First published in 1994 by Loveswept

Dr. Joel Benedict is a proper Bostonian, more likely to be caught daydreaming about sailboats than supermodels. He insists he doesn’t need to take the hospital’s Sex Talk seminar. Then he sees the temptress leading the class. Instantly enamored of the so-called sexpert, Joel soon feels a stirring passion he thought was long dead. Could she teach him to take the only chance that matters?

Maggie Springer’s provocative seminars are all the rage, except with the prudish problem student who dismisses her course as psychobabble. She sets out to free Joel’s inhibitions, to break through his cool facade—but Maggie finds that Dr. Benedict’s bedside manner could make a lady blush. And if Maggie gets too close, her private lessons may ignite a desire she never expected in her wildest fantasies.

Tender Loving Cure was not what I was expecting.  I thought that there would be more about Maggie's seminar titled "Sex Talk".  Which, actually, would make a great seminar for doctors since a lot of them need to learn to communicate better with their patients.  In any case, this book has the handsome and sexy doctor who falls for the sensual and brilliant psychologist/teacher.  Both who are unwilling to let their guard down to love one another, each for their own reasons.  Throw in a teenager and a big misunderstanding and you have all of the elements for a great romance. 

While I liked the book, it did feel a bit dated to me. The clothing descriptions and some of the references aged the story a bit.  Despite that, I do recommend this throwback.  It is the first by Ms. Kasper that I have read.  I know that Loveswept has reissued it as an e-book.  It is a very quick read...give it a try!

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