Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blog tour: Fate's Second Chance by AJ Jarrett

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Date of Publication: November 2011
Marie Carter has lived a pretty average life, and she thought dying was the worst thing to happen, until informed by her guarding angel Ross that she was supposed to be born a man. Sent back as Marc, he has one month to heal his sister's suffering and get his soulmate Shawn to fall in love with him. If he fails, it's back to heaven he goes, the love of his life will eventually die of a broken heart, and Ross will be kicked out of heaven.

Marc has been in love with Shawn ever since he could remember, but is a month enough time to get someone to fall in love? And when faced with the knowledge of angels and body mix ups, can a skeptical Shawn believe what is so obviously in front of his face? Can Marc get his happily ever after? Or was what was written in the stars not meant to be?

Fate's Second Chance is an interesting debut novel.  I liked the premise of it. The powers that be make a mistake before Marc is born and he ends up in a girl's body instead of a boy's.  Because of this mix-up, she is given the chance to go back as her (or should I say, his) true self after an unexpected death.  I liked Ross's character the most I think.  He added some nice comedy to the story.

While I did enjoy the book, I didn't love it as much as I was hoping I would.  Marie comes back as Marc, yet most of the time that I was reading the story, I kept thinking that Marc was a woman.  His mannerisms and reactions just seemed too female to me.  So, I had a hard time buying Marie/Marc's change. I do see a promising future for Ms. Jarrett.  It's a cute story and one worth checking out.

About the author:

Hi to everyone! My name is AJ and I started writing about a year ago. So far I’ve been published through Silver Publishing and I just signed a contract for a book with Siren Publishing. So this past year has been busy for me. 
I’m the proud mother of four very active children. When they’re not driving me completely insane they have me laughing my butt off. Kids can do that to adults. I got lucky enough to marry one of the good guys. My husband is very helpful and takes on more of my stress than should be allowed. He supports me and understands all those nights that I don’t come to bed because I’m a slave to my muse.

Fate’s Second Chance is my first release and its part of a series. My intentions are to make this a three part series surrounding the characters from the first book. I already have the second book completed and Silver has accepted it for publication. I’m a fan of books that are part of a series so I wanted to do that with my writings.

I had a fun time bringing these character to life and I hope others enjoy them as much as I do!

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