Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Books We Didn't Finish - January Edition

I can sum up Abdication in one word...Boring!  After listening to the first disc, I was ready to fall asleep.  The story just didn't interest me at all.  I know this book has been recommended to those who love Downtown Abbey.  I personally have not watched the TV show, but if it is anything like this book, I will have to pass.  The characters were flat and just didn't interest me enough to finish.

The Red House was a random pick from my library's audiobook site.  The storyline made the book sound very interesting and I was looking forward to listening to it. I got about 1 disc in and I still can't tell you what the book was about.  The book was just confusing. The point of view often changed with no clear indication that it was now a different character.  It was almost like the author submitted his free-writing exercise to the publisher and they didn't bother to edit it.  
Fever by Mary Beth Keane (coming out March, 2013) ended up as a DNF for me.  I like Historical Fictional that is based on actual events.  I like when I'm learning.   I can't really fault the book, it was well written.  The story was told in a way that was easy to read and not like a history text book.  The book is about Mary, Typhoid Mary, and she was a very unlikable person.  I got to where I didn't care to read about her.  Her manner and her actions were so distasteful that I didn't care what happened to her.  That might me just as bad as her, but she was knowingly making people sick and didn't seem to care.

Origin was one of those books that I really, really wanted to read so bad.  Then when I got it I couldn't really remember why.  I started reading it and it was ok.  Maybe I built it up too much in my head?  All my excitement fizzled out and then my interest in the book fizzled out too.  I got about halfway through and decided it wasn't really all that and a bag of chips and threw in the towel.


The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I tried to read Abdication as well and had to give it up. It was just so boring despite the interesting premise.

Katie said...

I'm sad to hear that you couldn't finish Origin. I've heard really mixed things about it and I'm just not sure I'm going to pick it up. Thanks for sharing!