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Blog tour: Whisper of Crows by Jameson Hesse

Author: Jameson Hesse
Publisher: Self
Date of Publication: 2010

Kanaan James is a disturbed teenage boy obsessed with his childhood friend Abigail Caulfield. A horrible car accident leaves Abigail stricken with amnesia and Kanaan, desperate for her attention, convinces her they are soul mates, running from the law. In the midst of a passionate love affair, while hiding in an old abandoned house deep in the woods, Kanaan is forced to test the boundaries of his own humanity.

To be honest I am still trying to decide if I liked this book.  I can say that once I finished the book, I felt like I had just dropped acid and had a wild and crazy trip. This was not the book I was expecting when I picked it up.   The book begins with a brutal and sexual assault on Kanaan by the bullies of the high school.  The bullies are all then in a car accident.  Kanaan's best friend appears to die in the accident, but she doesn't really, she just has amnesia.  Honestly, I don't want to say more than that since there are many twists in the book that it would give too much away.

I liked the concept for the book.  My issue with it was that there was just too much in the book making it hard to digest.  I had to read this one in small doses.  Just when you think the story is going in a certain direction, it quickly changes course and you are on a different road.  It was hard to discern what was real and what wasn't.  The main character often has that issue as well because he is so drugged up on pain killers most of the time.  One thing I can say though is that, in my opinion, this is not a YA book.  The book was very disturbing and a bit graphic.  I think, in the end, that this is a book you really have to judge for yourself.  It just wasn't for me. 

About the author:

Jameson Hesse is an American writer/filmmaker. Jameson currently lives in Los Angeles with his sons. He has several film and book projects in various stages of development and is promoting his Novel "Whisper of Crows".

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