Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday: When Lightning Strikes by Rexanne Becnel

Author: Rexanne Becnel
First published in 1995 by Dell
Re-issued by Open Road Media April 2013

Abigail Bliss can’t  tell anyone  her real name. Her father insists on using an alias for their sudden move to Oregon—a turn of events that signals trouble. When bounty hunter Tanner McKnight kidnaps her, determined to take her to her wealthy grandfather in Chicago, Abby vows not to go quietly. This lawless, untamed man is everything her father warned her against, yet as they traverse the perilous plains, Abby comes to view her abductor as her protector. What will happen to the unexpected passion that burns between them when they reach their destination and Abby must face a surprising legacy that could keep her and Tanner forever apart?

When Lightning Strikes is a beautifully written historical romance.  It's the first book I have ever read by this author. After reading it, I know I'll be seeking out her other books!  Through the wonders of ebooks, now everyone has a chance to experience Abby and Tanner's romance.   I really enjoyed this book.  Being a western novel, the story remains timeless.  

Tanner and Abby's love story was very sweet.  Their fall into love was slow and a wonderful journey to read about.  I loved these two together.  Abby wants someone who can ignite her passions.  She knows Tanner is the man for her.  She sees beyond the tough exterior that he portrays to the the sensitive caring man he really is inside.  She definitely had her work cut out for her in trying to convince Tanner that he really was the man for her.  I loved the epilogue.  

Along with the romance,  I enjoyed the glimpse into the life that the characters lived in the 1840s.   I don't remember much from history class about the wagon trains to Oregon, but after reading this, I felt like I was there.  What an uncertain time it must have been.  Setting out on a months long journey, not knowing if everyone you left with would make it.  It really gave me a new respect for our ancestors who expanded our country.  This book is a throwback you definitely don't want to miss!

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