Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blog Tour: Taken by Him by Red Garnier

Author: Red Garnier
Publisher:St. Martin's Paperbacks
Date of publication: May 2013

The Billionaire’s Club: The wealthiest, most powerful men, not only in Chicago, but in the world.  They are used to having whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Luke Preston is the ultimate playboy among his billionaire friends.  Every bad girl in Chicago has surrendered in his bed.  Some good girls, too.  But when he ends up in the hospital after an assassination attempt, his friends suggest he take a long vacation to recoup, regroup and lay off the women until the man is caught.  However, when Luke lays eyes on the stunning brunette across the beach, she inspires every dark, erotic thought his mind can conjure.

Peyton Lane has always been serious and responsible and she’s determined to have some fun for once in her life.  And that means a deliciously, sexy affair with a stranger while she’s on vacation.  So when a blond Adonis named Luke crosses her path at the Cancun resort, she’s determined that he will be the one. But Peyton gets more than she bargained for when Luke introduces her to a passion unlike any she has ever experienced and she discovers that behind that charming smile are secrets and a beautiful, damaged soul.  

Taken by Him is the second book in the Billionaire's Club series by Red Garnier. We had her on our blog back in April for an interview.  It's a pretty short book, so it can be read in an afternoon. Luke is a playboy who sleeps with a lot of women.  After someone tries to kill him, his friends send him on vacation.  The attack is a wake up call for Luke and he agrees to take the time to heal and reflect.  He meets Peyton and falls hard and fast.  Peyton only really wants a fling.  

I liked these two together.  They definitely have chemistry.  The author knows how to write a great bedroom scene!  As with the first book, I wanted more of them.  I liked that Luke wants to change his lifestyle after meeting Peyton.   I'm not sure I totally believed their HEA.  Maybe a HFN ending would have been more believable.  I needed to see more time of them together in the real world, not just on vacation.   There are more friends in the Billionaire's Club.  I look forward to reading their stories.

About the author:

Red Garnier is an erotic romance author whose first book released from Ellora's Cave Publishing in
May 2007 to receive a Fallen Angel Recommended Read.  She writes fun and sexy erotic contemporaries as well as paranormals, which can range from dark and emotionally intense, to witty and fun and sweet as cherries! Whatever she's writing at the time, Red loves to sit down with her characters and let them take things from there. 
Red Garnier is a lover of love, laughter, and hot, steamy sex. She lives with her husband - the love of her life, her very own hero! - and is a proud mother of two.   
She was born to write, to say what's on her mind, and to make a few tongues wag along the way. When Red is not writing, she's probably found with her face glued to a sizzling romance book.

Red loves to read and to write in the many genres of romance.


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