Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Duke's Temptation by Jillian Hunter

Author: Jillian Hunter
Publisher: Signet Select 
Date of Publication: November 2010

Samuel Charles Aubrey St. Aldwyn, Duke of Gravenhurst, is a radical rogue and champion of unpopular causes. No one would dream that he is also the author of a bestselling series of dark historical novels, a writer accused of corrupting the morals of the public, and a master seducer who counts among his passionate fans wellborn Miss Lily Boscastle. But Lily is no stranger to disrepute.

When her engagement to another man ends in a tarnished image and public disgrace, Lily is forced to seek employment outside London --- as housekeeper for Gravenhurst himself. Her sharp wit and sensuality appeal to his wicked instincts --- and she's a perfect match for every beguiling move he makes. Yet there's more to him than Lily imagined --- a secret known to few living souls, ghosts from the past that haunt both of their futures in ways too dangerous for even the duke to have invented.

I thought this book was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed the characters as well as the love story.  Samuel and Lily were great together and have some wonderful banter.  The two were well matched.  One of the things that appealed to me the most was the way Samuel fell hard for Lily first and did everything he could to win her over.  There were a lot of laugh out loud moments.  

I loved that Samuel was a writer, especially a writer of adventure and romance.  You don't see much of that these days, as most romantic writers are female.  I had to laugh every time Lily insisted that Sir Anonymous was a woman.   The ways he uses his staff to help him act out plot scenarios was fun and clever.  They make for some amusing scenes.  

listened to the audiobook and I thought the narrator did a wonderful job.  I look forward to seeking out the next book in the series!

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