Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Sinister Weddings: Three Novels of Suspense by Dorothy Eden

Author: Dorothy Eden
Reissue by Open Road Media July 2013

A special three-in-one edition by Dorothy Eden—featuring Bride by Candlelight, Cat’s Prey, and Bridge of Fear—in which a bride-to-be, a wedding guest, and a recently married woman come face to face with evil as they innocently prepare to celebrate love 

Think well before you marry Paul Blaine.
In Bride by Candlelight, this anonymous note is the prelude to a series of disturbing events plaguing Julia Paget. At an isolated New Zealand sheep-farming estate, she discovers that her war-scarred husband-to-be isn’t the man she fell in love with three years earlier.

In Cat’s Prey, Antonia Webb journeys to a remote seaside resort in New Zealand to claim an inheritance and attend her cousin’s wedding. And even the handsome solicitor who warns her away may not be able to protect Antonia from the evil closing around her.

Is Abby Fearon paranoid—or is someone trying to kill her? In Bridge of Fear, this is the question she must answer. Abby arrives in the Australian outback from her native England to find that something has changed in her new husband . . . something that frightens her almost as much as the strange, wild land she now calls home.

Open Road Media has recently reissued works by the late Dorothy Eden.  She was a well known author of mystery and romance from the 1940s through the 1980s.  She died in 1982.  Out of the bundle in Sinister Weddings, I chose to review Bride by Candlelight for Throwback Thursday.  It was originally published in 1954 by Mcdonald.  

The story for me was ultimately, just OK.  It definitely showed its age.  The one thing I did like about it was it had that creepy Gothic feel to it.  I could almost picture it as a old black and white movie.   Julia was so naive and clueless.  I was pretty much able to figure out the truth of Harry after the first 25 pages.  I didn't know all of the details, but I got most of it correct.  The ending was a bit rushed and not very believable.    Despite not liking this one, I will give the other books in the collection a try.  

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