Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett

Author: Elisabeth Barrett
Publisher: Loveswept
Date of publication: August 12, 2013

Val Grayson has been a strong, steady presence in his younger brothers’ lives. Now that the other Grayson men have settled down, Val is able to focus on himself … and he has gorgeous, privileged Cameron Stahl in his sights. Cam has just opened her second antique store in Star Harbor and is more than receptive to sexy-as-sin Val’s advances. But Cam’s family isn’t too keen on their precious daughter dating a DEA agent. It’ll be up to Val to convince Cam–and himself–that he’s worth it. And man, is he worth it

Slow Summer Burn is the final installment of the Grayson Brothers series. Val is the oldest of the boys and he has sacrificed everything for his brothers.  Isn't it time for him to have a little happiness   Cameron is trying to escape her privileged life and make a name for herself on her own.  Can I just say how much I loved these two together?  I loved how Cam kept surprising Val and slowly changed his opinion of her.  The furniture building scene was priceless!  The ending was so sweet and I was happy to see Val get his HEA.

I liked the wrap-up to the two stories arches in the series.  Do they find the kingpin of the drug ring? Will the keys help them find the lost treasure?  You'll have to read this last book to find out.  I would hate to ruin it for you.   I have enjoyed this series immensely and I am sad to see it end.  I look forward to what Ms. Barrett has in store for us next!

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