Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog Tour: Lies You Wanted to Hear by James Whitfield Thompson

by:  James Whitfield Thompson
published by:  Source Landmark
publish date:  November 5, 2013

Alone in an empty house Lucy tries to imagine the lives of her two young children.  The day they left, she didn't know she would never see them again. Now she is tormented by the role she played in that heartbreaking loss. You can hardly see a glimpse of the woman she used to be. Back then she was a magnet for men like Matt, who loved her beyond reason, and Griffin, who wouldn't let go but always left her wanting more. But 20 years later, the little lies they told have come to haunt all three of them.

This was one of those books that I have a hard time with.  I like books that have a character that I can identify with in a positive way.  Characters that have some redeeming qualities.  I had a hard time finding any redeeming qualities in any of these characters.  Lucy was generally awful.  The relationship that she had with Griffin made me sick at times.  I wanted to strangle the woman and tell her to get a grip on her life and stand up for herself.  Matt, while initially seemed like a great guy and the more sympathetic character, eventually turns out to be more questionable towards the end.  I guess maybe that's what it's about.  How, in every relationship there's some selfishness on each partner's part and we can accept it and work with it or we don't.

Having said all that, it did read well.  There was nothing wrong with the writing.  Kudos to Mr. Thomson on that aspect of it.  I also want to give the author a high five for pursuing a dream and debuting his novel at 68.  Way to go!

About the Author:  James Whitfield Thomson was an early member of the late Andre Dubus’s writers’ workshop, along with Elizabeth Berg, George Packer and Dennis Lehane. He grew up on the North Side of Pittsburgh, attended Harvard College on scholarship, and earned a Ph.D. in American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

A former U.S. Navy navigator in Vietnam, Thomson’s writing has appeared in Agni and The Ledge, and received a grant from the Massachusetts Council for the Arts. The author lives in Natick, Massachusetts, with his wife. This is his first novel.

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