Sunday, June 21, 2015

Billionaire Bachelor's Club Series by Monica Murphy

Crave (Avon, 2013) is the first in this series.  It was a decent start to the series.  Three friends make a deal that the last one to avoid love and marriage will win a million dollars.  All three are determined to win.  That is until Archer gets a stolen kiss from Ivy.  He has always thought of her as 'Just Ivy" but he realizes he wants more. 

I did like this one in the end.  Their HEA was cute and you know I'm a sucker for these types of stories.  I liked Archer and Ivy together.  I was definitely rooting for them. My only issue with the story was I would have liked to see more of them together at the resort.  The ending came a little too quickly for me.

I'd have to say Torn (Avon, 2013) was my favorite out of the three books.  Gage wants to buy the strip of stores that Marina's bakery is located in and decides to get to know her better to try to woo her father into selling.  He doesn't count on the deep attraction between them.

I liked the way the two of them do end up being friends with each other.  Even though their physical relationship was very quick, I felt like they did get to know each other well.  I LOVED what Gage did for Marina in the end.  It was too cute and absolutely perfect!  This one is definitely worth reading!

Savor (Avon, 2014) was my least favorite of the series.  I actually ended up skimming a lot of the book.  I didn't like either of the characters.  Bryn is Matt's Mousy assistant who dressed like a bag lady but he is attracted to her scent.  They both fight the attraction because of their work experience. 

I just had a hard time buying into the idea that Bryn was SO beautiful that she had to hide it to be able to keep a job.  Male bosses just seem to fall at her feet.  Also, how do you work for someone and not know if they are married or not?  I also felt like their were inconsistencies in this one.  For example, at the end of Torn, Gage and Marina get engaged with a ring and everything.  But then in Savor, Marina remarks that they haven't made it official yet.  Huh?  Nitpicky, I know but things like that drive me crazy. I'd say you could skip this one, or at least read to the end to find out how the bet is resolved.

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