Monday, June 15, 2015

Blog Tour: All the Single Ladies by Dorothea Benton Frank

Author; Dorothea Benton Frank
Publisher: William Morrow
Date of publication: June 2015

In this fast-paced and evocative novel, belovedNew York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank again takes us deep into the Lowcountry of South Carolina, where three unsuspecting women are brought together by tragedy and mystery.

Lisa St. Clair knows a thing or two about weathering storms. A dedicated nurse with a healthy sense of humor, she single-handedly raised her truculent daughter, Marianne, after her ex walked out on them twenty-four years ago, sending them a lottery ticket once a year as support. One day he reappeared and lured their daughter into a dubious but lucrative venture in Colorado. Now mother and daughter aren’t speaking.

So when Kathy Harper, Lisa’s favorite patient, loses her battle with cancer, Lisa finds herself drawing closer to Carrie and Suzanne, the devoted friends who were always by Kathy’s side. As these three women’s lives inevitably connect, they share their concerns about men, getting older and the horrors of maintaining financial stability. Suzanne’s ninety-nine-year-old grandmother, a former chanteuse, offers unexpected perspectives on the mores of the day. Carrie’s greedy ex-stepchildren are a chorus of cackling crows. And Lisa’s mother just can’t help herself as she henpecks her to distraction.

Somehow their conversations always return to the enigma of Kathy. Who was she? What did her short life mean?

I can honestly say that I really enjoyed All the Single Ladies.  I was sucked right into the magic of the Lowcountry and didn't stop until the story was complete. The story is told from Lisa's point of view.  She is a geriatric nurse who works part time and lives alone with her dog.  When one of her favorite patients, Kathy, dies from cancer, she ends up forming friendships with Kathy's best friends, Carrie and Suzanne.  Together, they try to piece together parts of Kathy's life that they didn't know in an effort to right an injustice.

The thing about this book that makes it so enjoyable are the characters.  They are all vibrant and just people you would love to meet.  Lisa is a great nurse with a big heart.  Middle age finds her alone with her dog.  She isn't even speaking to her daughter whom she raised alone.  Barely making ends meet, she is just looking for home and love.  I loved watching her friendships with Carrie and Suzanne blossom, as well as her relationship with Paul.  I was really rooting for her to get a HEA.

There are a lot of themes running through this story. Finding happiness later in life, learning to accept your adult child's choices, and how we can honor someone after they have passed are just a few to choose from.  Whatever you hope to get out of this book, I can guarantee a feel good story that will leave you with a smile in the end!

About Dorothea Benton Frank

New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank was born and raised on Sullivans Island, South Carolina. She divides her time between the New York area and the Lowcountry.

Find her on the web at, or like her on Facebook or Twitter.

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I'm so pleased that you enjoyed this book! It sounds like a fabulous summer read!

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