Saturday, May 14, 2016

Aftershock Series by Andrew Vachss

The first book in the Aftershock series came out in 2013.  I really liked this book.  Dolly is a nurse, formerly with Doctors without Borders.  Del is a mercenary from the French Foreign Legion.  They're both retired and live in the Pacific Northwest.  Dolly mentors teenage girls.  When one walks into her high school and starts firing a gun, Dolly knows that something is going on in their town and encourages her husband to figure it out.

The main characters of the series are introduced in this book.  Dolly and Del, and some of the minor characters in Mary and Franklin and Mary's lawyer.  Plus, some of the people that help Del carry out his dark and dirty deeds.

The second book Shockwave came out in 2014.  I liked this book too.  It was about Neo-Nazism encroaching upon his home territory.  Del does not like his sanctuary to be tainted with evil so he goes on a mission to eradicate it.   Many of the characters that were in the first book were in the second book as well.

The third book was not my favorite.  I didn't even finish it.  It was called Signwave....which I didn't even like the title.  Aftershock/Shockwave, that makes sense...then Signwave?  Anyway, it has something to do with liberals and logging and I don't know.  I didn't like it.  I didn't like the way Dolly was ranting so much in the beginning of this book.  Dolly is an ok character, but I liked her sort of behind the scenes role in the first two book.  I didn't like her getting so front and center in this 3rd book.

Anyway, I recommend the first 2 book.  The third wasn't my cup of tea but maybe you'll like it.

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